Corporate Catering

Representing the ultimate in-office perk is our goal through our corporate catering program. We work with company representatives to establish the best possible menus for our clients, always keeping in mind the special needs and restrictions that may exist within an office, and provide service that leaves employees feeling well nourished and pampered.

Our program includes experienced servers to set up, serve, and clean up for a seamless service without headache. The frequency is up to the client; some choose service for every weekday, others choose to just have a Friday treat.

We don't just offer lunch. Hilscooking also offers dinner and snack service.

Our minimum quantity is 20 and we're able to serve up to 500. The pricing is dependent on frequency, quantity, and level of service. 

If you've got an office in need of great meals, give us a holler and we'll set up a program especially for you.